“There’s no place like home”

Dorothy cross-stitch by Simone Rodney-Foli

I’ve been doing quite a few crafty bits and bobs this year. Like one must have a room of one’s own, one must also have a hobby (or two or three…). Something that can fill us with light in the depths of winter, console us when we’re ‘bored’ and generally round off those jagged edges.

I’m not sure what made me pick up an embroidery hoop and start a project how I came across Moira Blackburn’s beautiful samplers, but once I saw them I knew I had to pick up my needle and thread again. This pattern was altered from an amazing crafter called ‘The Little Stitcher’. Her sense of narrative and style really appealed to me and her designs are equally as beautiful as Moira’s, I heartily recommend you check her out. Here is the result, which I made for a good friends birthday not too long ago. Good thing she’s a fan of The Wizard of Oz and Judy Garland. The shoes are stitched using metallic embroidery thread so have a slight sparkle to them.

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