Shape Face by Simone Rodney-FoliSince learning to read as a child I’ve always been fascinated by imagery. As soon as I was able to appreciate books as a piece of art in their own right I was hooked. From looking at Nick Sharratt illustrations over and over for hours and hours in the early nineties, to spending ages appreciating packaging design in a grocery shop today.

There’s something exciting and uplifting about good art. I want to be able to share that feeling with others.

During my day to day life when I’m not trying to get the inner workings of my mind onto a surface, I love receiving personal hand written letters and things in the post – which is apparently a dying art because not many people are motivated enough to actually do it, despite research* showing that everyone likes receiving it. I also like eating cake, (especially anything lemony), learning new skills and crafts, be it rollerskating or crochet. But most importantly, eating Japanese food and snacks – which happen to have nicely designed packaging. Two great things combined into one!

Please email me to enquire about commissions or any general questions you might have.

*Personally non-scientifically conducted research.